Looking for a Carer?

With Carers Register you can search intelligently for carers by distance, carer experience, type of job and many other criteria. Only current, active, carers and jobs are listed. You can also save your search results to your favourites list.

Carers Register asks detailed questions of carers and employers when they register allowing a complete picture of the carer and of the job to be built up. This makes it possible to do accurate searches of carers and care jobs to find the carer or caring job that most suits your needs.

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Looking for a job in caring?

Register for free with Carers Register. Create your profile with details of your experience and the type of work you are looking for, so that employers can contact you about potential caring jobs. Once you have registered you can also search for jobs and contact employers directly. Save jobs you have found that you are interested in to your favourites list.

you can search for jobs by distance, the type of job it is in many other criteria to find the kind of job that matches what you are looking for.

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How to Find a Carer:

  1. Register as an employer
  2. Create a job profile
  3. Browse for carers based on your requirements
  4. Save potential carers to your favourites list
  5. Contact carers directly and have carers contact you through the website

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How to Find a Job in Caring:

  1. Register as a carer
  2. Create your profile
  3. Search for jobs
  4. Save potential jobs to your favourite list
  5. Employers contact you through the site
  6. Contact employers directly about jobs


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Agencies advertising caring jobs?

  1. Register as an agency
  2. Choose the membership plan most suitable for you
  3. Create multiple job profiles
  4. Carers can contact you through the website or apply directly to your organisation about individual jobs

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Why use Carers Register?

Carer for elderly man​Carers Register offers many unique facilities that other similar services do not have including:

  • Ability to search for carers nationwide based on distance
  • Only current carers are displayed (any carer that has not logged in within four weeks are not shown)
  • Provides a secure system for carers and employers to contact each other without revealing personal contact details
  • Straightforward and affordable service, with no hidden charges
  • Clear and simple to use
  • Comprehensive details included for carers and jobs
  • Ability to search intelligently for carers based on their experience, languages spoken and many other criteria

See more information on our FAQs page.