Elderly Care

Carers Register is tailored to providing services for all types of elderly care at home. Carers can register and provide full details about their experience in elderly care and the types of work they are looking for. Employers can advertise jobs for elderly care and give all the details about the specific kind of elderly care that they want.

There are a number of categories that carers and employers need to select that allows intelligent and fast searches to be done to find the right carer or job in elderly care.

Carers can be searched by:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Qualifications (medical, nursing, NVQ etc)
  • Job Type (live in/out)
  • Type or care (elderly, dementia, physical disability etc)
  • Availability (weekdays/weekends/nights)
  • Spoken English fluency
  • Fluency in other languages

Jobs can be searched by:

  • Location
  • Job type (live in/live out)
  • Preferred carer gender
  • Hours required (weekdays/weekends/nights)
  • Work type (full time/temporary/part time etc)
  • Care type (elderly, dementia, physical disability etc)
  • Fluency required in a particular language

Once a list of carers or jobs have been found matching the requirements further detail is then given for each job or carer. Specific elderly care jobs or carer profiles can also be saved onto a favourites list.